Results | Masters of Endurance


2012 Season

24 hours of Aston Grand Prix

Race - 24 hours / 534 laps / 4,700 km

103My3id Gaming GT1FZR2202:38.0653424:01:40
202spdoRacing GT1XRR2002:38.22534+1:03.95
301LowLandLionsFZR2402:37.95533+1 lap
446nFinity eSportsFZR2202:38.47532+2 laps
508Lanzarote Racing TeamFZR2202:38.58531+3 laps
610Sonicrealms RacingXRR2202:38.80531+1:01.36
722Lanzarote Racing TeamFZR2202:38.57530+4 laps
847KraweelXRR2102:38.87528+6 laps-2 laps
933CoRe Racing GT1FZR1902:39.12526+8 laps
1004Concept RacingFZR2402:38.92526+30.31
1137Angry Angus RacingXRR1902:40.01526+2:22.74
1220Project & Busters Racing TeamXRR2202:38.91525+9 laps-3 laps
1329czechlfs.netXRR1802:39.65524+10 laps-1 lap
177My3id Gaming GT2XRR2202:46.4650924:04:09
251spdoRacing GT2XRR2202:47.07507+2 laps
359Synergy Racing TeamXRR2302:46.87505+4 laps
460Genuine RacingXRR2102:47.33505+38.68-1 lap
573Cityliga Endurance TeamXRR2402:47.47505+58.60
674RAPTOR-GAMINGXRR2102:47.00504+5 laps
766CoRe Racing GT2XRR2202:47.66504+3:15.93
856iNf!N!tY*SkillSXRR2102:47.04503+6 laps-1 lap
970HT MotorsportXRR2402:47.48499+8 laps-2 laps
1072LFS FranceFZR2302:47.78499+26.25
1153Hellenic Racing TeamXRR2202:48.78498+11 laps
1288SAVAGE SimSportsXRR1802:47.66498+1:48.12-2 laps
1363Virtual Racing TeamFXR2002:48.58496+13 laps-1 lap
1496GTS MotorsportXRR2102:47.46496+2:11.15-1 lap
1558PlayerzoneXRR2002:47.34494+15 laps-2 laps
1681Mafia RacingXRR2002:48.07492+17 laps-1 lap
1757live-for-speed.huXRR2002:48.01492+1:47.59-2 laps
1889cargame.nlFZR2302:48.34491+18 laps
DNF78Tiger Express MotorsportsXRR502:48.21130+279 laps-1 lap

Race started on Saturday, January 7th 2012 at 16:03.

Winner's average speed: 195.69 km/h

Fastest lap: 02:37.95 (200.61 km/h) - LowLandLions GT1 / Simon Cattel on lap 181

2010-2011 Season

12 hours of Kyoto Grand Prix Long

Race - 12 hours / 323 laps / 2,383 km

11ineX Racing GT0XRR1102:09.9132312:00:11
26Team ev0» GT0FZR1302:10.41321+2 laps
33spdoRacing GT0XRR1302:09.88321+00:23
44E-TeamFZR1402:10.17318+5 laps
57nFinity eSports RacingFZR1302:10.57318+00:31
NC2Team Inferno GT0XRR902:11.11206+112 laps-2 laps
DQ6Conquest Racing GT0FZR1202:10.42319+3 laps
121spdoRacing GT1FZR1102:15.8531112:02:05
222Sonicrealms Racing GT1FZR1002:15.31310+1 lap
327Team SiriusFZR1102:15.24310+00:23
423CoRe Racing GT1FZR1002:16.02309+2 laps
525GTS MotorsportFZR1002:16.17309+01:05
628Concept RacingFZR1202:16.38308+3 laps
729Team Playerzone ItaliaFZR1002:16.62304+7 laps
DNF24Speed Core Racing TeamFZR602:16.20165+146 laps
143Team Inferno GT2XRR1102:21.8229812:02:10
241Sonicrealms Racing GT2FZR1102:22.00296+2 laps
450Hellenic Racing TeamXRR902:22.08295+3 laps
548ineX Racing GT2FZR1102:22.12295+00:22
653Team ev0» GT2FZR1002:22.63294+4 laps
746Conquest Racing GT2FZR1102:21.89293+5 laps
844CoRe Racing GT2FZR1302:22.76293+00:57
951Tiger Express MotorsportsXRR1202:23.07293+01:45
1045SimRacing-LAXRR1302:22.64289+9 laps

Race started on Saturday, December 4th 2010 at 12:04.

Winner's average speed: 198.87 km/h

Fastest lap: 02:09.88 (204.47 km/h) - spdoRacing GT0 / Reno Kööts on lap 258

6 hours of Westhill International

Race - 6 hours / 240 laps / 1,243 km

13spdoRacing GT0XRR501:27.312406:01:07
21ineX Racing GT0XRR501:26.99240+00:31
37nFinity eSports RacingFZR601:27.50239+1 lap
46Team ev0» GT0FZR801:27.58232+8 laps
DNF5Conquest Racing GT0XRR101:27.5358+182 laps-1 lap
127Team SiriusFZR501:30.672326:02:07
223CoRe Racing GT1FZR501:31.20230+2 laps
331Team Inferno GT1XRR601:31.25230+00:01
428Concept RacingFZR601:31.15230+00:13
521spdoRacing GT1FZR501:31.14230+00:22
625GTS MotorsportXRR501:31.25226+6 laps-3 laps
729Team Playerzone ItaliaFZR401:31.54224+8 laps
244CoRe Racing GT2FZR601:34.82221+2 laps
341Sonicrealms Racing GT2FZR501:34.93221+00:22
443Team Inferno GT2XRR501:35.13221+00:29
553Team ev0» GT2FZR501:35.16221+00:34
648ineX Racing GT2FZR501:34.65221+00:46-1 lap
746Conquest Racing GT2FZR501:35.20221+01:22
851Tiger Express MotorsportsXRR401:35.47220+1 lap
950Hellenic Racing TeamXRR401:36.02219+1 lap
1150TNT RacingFZR501:35.39217+6 laps
1245Team ViresFZR501:35.05213+10 laps-2 laps

Race started on Saturday, January 8th 2011 at 14:00.

Winner's average speed: 206.56 km/h

Fastest lap: 01:26.99 (214.37 km/h) - ineX Racing GT0 / Mark Bunby on lap 210

24 hours of Aston Grand Prix

Race - 24 hours / 528 laps / 4,647 km

134ineX Racing GT1FZR2302:40.1352824:02:21
221spdoRacing GT1FZR2102:39.43528+00:14-1 lap
327Team SiriusFZR2002:39.71527+1 lap-1 lap
432Team ev0» GT1FZR2202:40.47527+00:15
528Concept RacingFZR2202:40.15527+02:13
623CoRe Racing GT1FZR2302:40.48525+3 laps
733nFinity eSports RacingFZR2002:40.82525+01:26
143spdoRacing GT2FZR2202:47.0650624:02:25
248ineX Racing GT2FZR2202:46.84506+02:09
446Conquest Racing GT2FZR2302:47.38506+02:48
545Team ViresFZR2302:47.47503+3 laps
641Sonicrealms Racing GT2FZR2402:47.05502+4 laps
753Team ev0» GT2FZR2402:47.41501+5 laps
844CoRe Racing GT2FZR2202:46.65501+00:26
947Xcite-RacingFZR2302:48.14500+6 laps
1050Hellenic Racing TeamXRR1902:48.63494+12 laps-2 laps
1145SimRacing-LAXRR2302:48.18492+14 laps
1251Tiger Express MotorsportsXRR2402:48.57492+00:11

Race started on Saturday, February 12th 2011 at 16:02.

Winner's average speed: 193.32 km/h

Fastest lap: 02:39.43 (198.75 km/h) - spdoRacing GT1 / Marc Gassner on lap 528

6 hours of South City Long

Race - 6 hours / 235 laps / 947 km

127Team SiriusFZR401:30.192356:01:19
234ineX Racing GT1FZR501:30.04235+00:32
321spdoRacing GT1FZR501:30.21234+1 lap
423CoRe Racing GT1FZR501:31.34232+3 laps
528Concept RacingFZR401:31.24232+00:17
632Team ev0» GT1FZR501:30.67229+6 laps
148ineX Racing GT2FZR401:33.642276:02:49
243spdoRacing GT2FZR501:33.86226+1 lap
351Tiger Express MotorsportsXRR401:34.57223+4 laps
444CoRe Racing GT2FZR501:34.34223+01:02
550Hellenic Racing TeamXRR401:34.69222+5 laps
645SimRacing-LAXRR401:34.50189+38 laps-18 laps
DNF46Conquest Racing GT2FZR01:34.5360+167 laps
DNF42RAPTOR-GAMINGFZR01:37.196+221 laps

Race started on Saturday, March 12th 2011 at 14:01.

Winner's average speed: 157.23 km/h

Fastest lap: 01:30.04 (161.10 km/h) - ineX Racing GT1 / Rudy van Buren on lap 38

6 hours of Fern Bay Black

Race - 6 hours / 150 laps / 984 km

134ineX Racing GT1FZR602:20.391506:00:06
221spdoRacing GT1FZR602:20.68150+01:50
323CoRe Racing GT1FZR502:20.30150+02:12
428Concept RacingFZR502:20.92149+1 lap
527Team SiriusFZR302:19.16147+3 laps-1 lap
148ineX Racing GT2FZR502:25.481456:00:33
343spdoRacing GT2FZR502:25.87145+01:20
457DRUNK TeamFZR502:25.69145+01:22
550Hellenic Racing TeamXRR502:27.19143+2 laps
651Tiger Express MotorsportsXRR502:27.51142+3 laps
745SimRacing-LAXRR602:26.58141+4 laps
844CoRe Racing GT2FZR602:27.02140+5 laps-1 lap
958Epic ReunionFZR702:28.17136+9 laps-2 laps
DNF45Team ViresFZR102:26.7841+104 laps

Race started on Saturday, April 9th 2011 at 14:08.

Winner's average speed: 163.93 km/h

Fastest lap: 02:19.16 (169.64 km/h) - Team Sirius / Sebastian Hutchinson on lap 146

6 hours of Kyoto National

Race - 6 hours / 220 laps / 1130 km

134ineX Racing GT1FZR501:35.872206:01:27
223CoRe Racing GT1FZR501:35.98220+00:57
328Concept RacingFZR501:36.42219+1 lap
421Team ev0» GT11FZR601:36.31218+2 laps
527Lanzarote Racing TeamFZR501:36.30217+3 laps
621spdoRacing GT1FZR401:36.10160+60 laps-19 laps
144CoRe Racing GT2FZR501:39.602126:02:12
243spdoRacing GT2FZR501:40.05211+1 lap
342meh RacingXRR501:40.30211+00:15
441Sonicrealms Racing GT2FZR501:40.14220+2 laps
545Conquest RacingFZR501:40.37210+00:18
657DRUNK TeamFZR501:40.22209+3 laps
758Genuine RacingFZR601:39.99209+00:25
851Tiger Express MotorsportsXRR501:40.92207+5 laps
945Team ViresFZR501:40.36207+00:24-1 lap
1050Hellenic Racing TeamXRR501:40.64207+01:15-1 lap
1148ineX Racing GT2FZR501:39.87192+20 laps-16 laps

Race started on Saturday, May 7th 2011 at 14:00.

Winner's average speed: 187.64 km/h

Fastest lap: 01:35.87 (192.94 km/h) - ineX Racing GT1 / Mark Bunby on lap 68