What is Masters of Endurance?

image: MoE 2009-10 Media Day

Masters of Endurance represents the pinnacle of LFS endurance racing. The grueling 6-race season traditionally kicks off with the 12 hours of Kyoto Grand Prix, before moving on to the 6 hours of Westhill International, one of four 6 hour races. The jewel in the series' crown is the legendary 24 hours of Aston Grand Prix, perhaps the greatest race in LFS history.

In Masters of Endurance the focus is not on individuals, but on the teams who participate. During each race, teams use between three and six drivers, with driver changes during regular pit stops.

Drivers and spectators are able to follow the action live, using the series' original web-based tracker, LFS Remote, and the spdoracing.com live timing function. Live video coverage is provided by our broadcasting partner MultiBC and our group of dedicated commentators.


image: F1RST Racing GT1 & GT2, MoE 2008-09

The list of winners in Masters of Endurance reads like a who's who of the history of LFS. Past champions include n!faculty, Cyber Racing, Mercury Racing Team, CoRe Racing, F1RST Racing, and Team Sirius. Other greats including #low-racing, SK Gaming, spdoRacing, My3id Gaming and Sonicrealms Racing have all taken wins and vied for titles.

Starting out as a single-class series in the inaugural 2005-2006 season, Masters of Endurance quickly grew to dominate the endurance scene and spawned a series of imitators and complementary leagues. In the 2007-2008 season, the series expanded to encompass GT1 and GT2 classes, and has followed the multi-class format ever since.

Throughout its existence, Masters of Endurance has emphasized the pursuit of ultimate performance, both from the teams and the individuals involved. No safety car periods, no success ballast, no bullshit — this is endurance racing in its purest form. In 2010 MoE made its biggest leap yet, adding a new 600bhp top class and raising the endurance challenge to new heights.

Despite the lack of a full season starting at the end of 2011, the beginning of 2012 will see Masters of Endurance return with the 7th annual 24 hours of Aston Grand Prix to continue the tradition of top quality endurance racing.

Masters of Endurance sponsors

image: MoE 2010-11 Round 1 grid

Tweak/24 hour race server provided by cargame.nl

Previous race server provided by 500 Servers

Broadcast provided by MuliBC

File hosting provided by DarcyF1

Race simulation software provided by Live for Speed

Masters of Endurance team

Series Directors

B. Keough (DeadWolfBones) and A. Terrahe (AppiePils)

Series Administrators

J. GrĂ¼ner (three_jump), Z. Iqbal (r4ptor) and A. Leggate (amp88)

image: MoE Safety Car

Series Marshals

M. Booth (Boothy) and J. Pickard (rc10racer)

Technical Consultants

H. van Arem (FireFox86) (Tracker assistance), K. Burns (burnsy1882) (GT2 laptime addon), M. Booth (Boothy)(Website/Tracker additions), C. Roescher (Kaspur) (Website creation/Tracker)

Graphic Designer

J. Ziarko (justinziarko)


C. Ford (CSF), J. Palmer (dekojester), M. Passingham (Mp3 Astra), C. Wilkinson (wilko868), O. Hardwick (oscarhardwick)

A big thanks to:

WolleT for providing us with the initial tracker software.

P. Kempermann (Hoellsen) for sponsoring the website domain.